Diane Buettner and Sharron Kree

We have shared an interest in the natural world as a source of creative inspiration for over 30 years.

Our observations and fascination with form, structure, color, texture and pattern is always part of our dialogue as we begin and carry though our collaborative work with metal and vitreous glass enamel.  

There is always some give and take in the process of course, but in the end our work is the result  of harmonious conclusions.

Sharron Kree

I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and received a BFA in enameling and silversmithing.  Enameling and metalwork has been and continues to be a lifelong pursuit.

I have also been employed for over 35 years as a designer and product developer for Bovano of Cheshire, a company specializing in enameled sculpture and giftware. I also serve as technical advisor in the use of Cristallerie de Saint-Paul enamels for customers of the US distributor.

My other interests include hiking, cycling and gardening.

Diane Buettner

I am a self taught metalsmith and sculptor and have worked in the commercial craft field for over 35 years as a designer and product developer for Bovano of Cheshire.

Other pursuits have included photography and screen printing for textile designs.

I also spend time playing the guitar, gardening, exploring natural places and watching out for Mom.